Raven Spirit - Trish Painter
Trish Painter - on Dog Tracks CD


Auggie had a friend named Poppy, a golden lab puppy.  Wrote this song when on a long run with Auggie (pitch black, and big) and little Poppy (small and light) trotting ahead in front of me.


BIG DOG LITTLE DOG  (2:48)  Ken: vocals/guitar Trish: backup vocals  Tom Rawson: Banjo


Big Dog Little dog – little one’s so young

Black dog’s like the night – little one’s like the sun

What will she teach you what sights will you see

Just follow your nose…chase the squirrels up the tree

Ravens will tease you - coyotes howl

Stay away from bears and dead things that smell foul

Garbage is tempting- but don’t you give in

Chewing stuff and biting – are mortal sins


Big dog, little dog snoopin’ on the ground

Big dog chases something – little dog runs around

What will she teach you - where will you go

There’s lots of things to show you – so much you have to know


When she's fixin’ your dinner - try not to drool

Sit there calmly - and try to be cool

She may make you do tricks like play dead and shake

Just do it right, there’s a biscuit to take


Go ahead - chase after those sticks

Bring back two - just for kicks

Always put up a tug with those silly pull toys

And yes it's a squeaky thing  that makes all that noise!


Big dog, little dog trotting along

Little dog’s so skinny –  big dog’s so strong

What will she teach you where will you go

There’s lots of things to show you – so much you have to know


Learn all the words like sit come and heel –

Follow her directions and you’ll have it sealed

Just try being cute and you’ll win her heart –

You’ll get all you want with just one bark

Now listen up puppy, here’s what really counts

If you think you’re in trouble – sit down and don’t bounce

Lean up against her leg and give her that look

The one that says “I’m sorry mom” – You’ll be off the hook


Big Dog tells little dog – you are her best friend

She’s yours to watch over – she’s yours to defend

Don’t growl at kids – hear  what she has to say

If you always pee outside– she’ll love you every day.

If you pee and poop outside– she’ll feed you every day.


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