Raven Spirit - Trish Painter
Trish Painter -on Raven Spirit


Late afternoons in winter along the Mississippi River in St. Paul the crows flock to the trees by the thousands.   I first experienced this amazing phenomenon on a visit to Ken walking along the East River Road in St. Paul.  It took 2 years before the song materialized, but I finished it up when taking a day off from back country skiing at the hut in British Columbia! 


CHORUS:  Crows, the Crows of East River Road

Crows, the crows they know

The Spirit of life and nature flow

Through the crows of east river road

     History flows by on the river

     Carries stories of strife and love

     Those crows are flying high up above

     And they know of life and love


     They flock by the hundreds to the tops of the trees

     Cacophony of sound is heard

     Sharing adventures of what they have learned

     From the river below as it churns

          Nearby two eagles join talons

          Spin to the river below

          Split in an instant

          Soar toward the sun

          Those crows look on once again


     What can we learn from these black feathered friends

     Who watch out above the trees

     Keep our eyes to the sky and keep good company

     Keep searching ‘til the river meets the sea



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