Trish Painter
Trish Painter


Written on the suggestion of Maurie Luetkemeier...for Sadie!


Designer Canines

There once was a time   A poodle was just a poodle

An upper crust canine for sure

An elegant dog that needed special grooming

Smart and well-behaved and quite demure

So imagine my surprise,  I’m not sure it’s all that wise

They’ve been messing with the gene pool of this breed

I’m not sure what they were thinking….maybe they were drinking

Or smoking some funky kind of weed

They’ve got a labradoodle, a golden doodle

And another one that’s really kind of cool

A St. Bernard and a poodle – YES a ST. Bernoodle

I’m sure it doesn’t shed …but does it drool?

So, let us assume that these laboratory doctors

Continue to manipulate these genes..

The dogs they create, we hope will be just great

But it may not be as simple as it seems

Could be a pitbulldoodle, a boxerdoodle

And yes there could be something even more

A bassett and a poodle…YES a bassadoodle !!

With curly flowing ears down to the floor

Malamoodle, mastadoodle, dalmatiadoodle newfadoodle

Possibilities are really quite bizarre

Wienerdoodle, chihuahuadoodle, weimeroodle ,bloodhound…oooo

Sometimes it’s best to leave things as they are….

So let’s remember the time a poodle was just a poodle

An upper crust canine for sure

Cause they’ve been messing around  creating designer canines

Most are not so classy and demure

So as clever as it seems – making dogs of our dreams

I hate to break the news, it seems so rough

‘Tho these pups will strut their stuff….

They’ll still be sniffing butts

These dogs are really just designer MUTTS!!


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