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Inspired by an essay titled “where to bury your dog” written by  Ben Hur Lampman in the Sept 11, 1928 issue of the  Portland Oregonian .  This is dedicated to anyone who has ever lost their best friend.


Dog Memories (3:00) Trish: vocals/guitar Ken: guitar Janet Peterson: cello


There are various places a dog can be buried

‘Neath a flowering rosebush might be the right place

Or out by the fence where she dozed in the summer

Well any of these would be a good place


On a hill where the leaves in the trees gently whisper

Or beside a bright stream where she ran long ago

Or out in the pasture where she herded the cattle

It’s all one to the dog – her memory flows


But it don’t really matter if she’s well remembered

She’ll come when you’re dreaming or walking on by

Her eyes brightly shining – that tail madly wagging

It matters not much where that dog finally lies


When we really do think of it , one place is best

Where she’ll cross the frontier from this life to the next

Where no dogs will growl or resent her in coming

When you bury her here.. call her name, hear her steps


Others may wonder when they can’t see grass moving

They can’t hear her whimper or feel her breath in their hand

You know that these others have missed a true blessing

And you know a secret that’s been hidden from them


Well the best place to bury your best friend forever

May not be in the garden or in the backyard

It’s that place you can draw on her love and her memories

So, what’s the best place to bury your dog??

The very best place is your heart.


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