Raven Spirit - Trish Painter
Trish Painter - on Dog Tracks CD


THIS is a TRUE STORY..... the protagonist is Auggie, the Black dog, who wandered in the night....to places all around town...ah the things she brought back home...


Dog Surprise  (2:24)

Trish:  vocals/guitar   Ken: guitar

Hey mountain dog, all dusty and black

When you take off on a chase, I trust you'll come back

All tired and thirsty with your tongue hanging low

Was it was worth all the effort - where the hell did you go?


So your biscuits and those greenies must not be OK

It appears you prefer to go way out of your way

Way out in the woods to see what you'll find

The smell of dead creatures drives you out of your mind!


Remind me again - tonight you were fed

But into the woods , by your nose you were led

So what's this you brought back to your dog bed?

Hey, what a prize! it's an intact deer head!


So mountain dog, all dusty and black

Did you chase it yourself or did you join in a pack?

I hope it was coyotes who did the misdeed

And you just came  along when they were done with their feed...


Hey little dog all dusty and black

It’s time to get those instincts back on the right track

I prefer you eat your greenies and biscuits galore

And leave the dead creature parts far away from our front door!


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