Raven Spirit - Trish Painter
Trish Painter - on Dog Tracks CD



Marcia Hyatt, from the North Shore of Lake Superior wrote an amazing story called the Myth about a woman who held up the world (as most women do)... her daughter was helping cleaning clouds and ran into some dogs...the story moves along from there...."The Myth" is found in its entirety on the XXXX tab.  This is a song for all of us who tend to loose track of what is important in our lives and sacrifice that for work...

Bottom Line:  The Best Things in Life are not THINGS!!!


´╗┐Dog Teachings  (4:16)

Trish: vocals/guitar   Ken: guitar

She was tired from being just a mother and wife

She balanced the world on her shoulders

She took on all worries, all heartbreak and strife

For her years she looked much older

She carried the world on her shoulders

   Her daughter wanted a better way

   She set off to find something real

   In a meadow she found a group of dogs

   And a whole new life was revealed

chorus:  those dogs danced and howled at the moon

They chased and pranced and sang dog tunes

They lounged in the sun with their feet in the air

Those dogs had no worries, those dogs had no cares


What was it her mother had said about dogs

Filthy and flea-ridden creatures

Did she ever feel unconditional love

That only the dogs could teach her

   They’d teach her to romp and delight in a walk

   To turn several times before sleeping

   To hang out the window – feel the wind on her face

   To snuggle up close – just for keeping

   To snuggle close while sleeping 

chorus: they’d teach her to dance and to howl at the moon

To chase and prance  to sing dog tunes

To lounge in the sun with her feet in the air

They’d teach her not to worry and to try not to care


She grieved for her mother whose life had been spent

Holding the world on her shoulders

Aged prematurely all wrinkled and bent

Her life force growing colder

Bridge: The daughter took the world from her mother that day

    and she flung it into the sky

    Her mother looked up, didn’t know what to say

    But she laughed before she could cry

    Finally it was her turn to fly

 Chorus: She danced with the dogs  howled at the moon

She chased and pranced  sang dog tunes

Then she lounged in the sun put her feet in the air

She shed all her worries and tried not to care

Raven Spirit - Trish Painter
Trish Painter - on Dog Tracks CD


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