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Trish Painter -on Raven Spirit


So, when I was feeling abandoned, and pretty down in the middle of the winter, there was a 'piece' in the local artsy newpaper that caught my eye titled "Gifts of the Dark".  It talked about the darkness of the season, that this had to happen in order for new light to come with the longer days, that plants had to die before seeds could be sown and for new plants to grow, that the dark of the moon was followed by new moon that grew to a full moon.  This article helped me to start moving out of my 'darkness' and I always wanted to write a song related to this.

The Fall of 2010 in St Paul was so spectacular - colors on the trees that lasted for nearly a month...knowing that this brightness and beauty would be leading us into the seasonal darkness, the song was brewing, and was boosted by a songwriting workshop that I attended by Buddy Mondlock.  The theme of the writing exercise in that workshop was changing seasons, and voila.... 

We played this song for the first time at our Solstice Gathering in St. Paul with dear friends, who we miss greatly.  The song was recently shared at our first Solstice Gathering in Utah.  It is that time of year!



The trees flash bright in the autumn sunlight

Colors on nature’s canvas

We were entranced as we started to dance

Like the leaves in the breeze blowing past

North wind blows and the leaves let go

Shimmer on their way to the ground

Boundaries get lost like the crystals of frost

There’s signs of change all around

     The days grow shorter

     Nights grow cold and longer

     Winter starts

    Welcome! the gift of the dark

When he left, I was put to the test

To define my world without him

Life spiraled down ‘til my spirit was found

Signs of change all around

     My days grew shorter

     Nights grew cold and longer

     We grew apart

     Guess it was a gift of the dark

               In the dark we see the stars

               In the dark we find out who we are

               The dark brings on the light of day

               To wash our fears away

Winter to spring- new life brings

Colors and beauty abound

You by my side, everything's right

There’s signs of change all around

     Days grow longer

     My spirit grows bright and stronger

     Another new start

     Blessed! are the gifts of the dark


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