Trish Painter
Trish Painter


High Expectations

I am just a human, I have no special powers

Get caught up in deadlines, sometimes don't smell the flowers

But I have a conscience, that sometimes makes me cower

Black nose and a tail - she watches me for hours

She thinks I walk on water

Sniffs the ground beneath my feet

She thinks I'm worth protecting

She's amazingly sweet 

     She has a special bark

     When my car comes up the drive

     She wiggles and bounces all around

     Such joy to be alive!!!!

So... Oh Lord won't you please ... lend me a hand

I'm countin on you lord, I'm in need of a plan

She has high expectations - up to which I must stand

Lord help me be the person my dog thinks that I am

Oh please help me be the person my dog thinks that I am!


Moab Folk Camp Nov 2012


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