Raven Spirit - Trish Painter
Trish Painter -on Raven Spirit


I wrote this at Moab Folk Camp 2009... thoughts of the cabin on the lake 'up north' in Minnesota...there were days that place was the most peaceful and beautiful of all places anywhere.

THIS SONG WAS SELECTED TO BE ON A COMPILATION CD FOR EARTHDAY 2013 !!!!!  (My first successful song !!!).... the CD is the project of Peaceful Uprising, an organization committed to preserving the environment.  The compilation CD should be done by Earthday in April 2013.


IN THE WILD  Trish: vocals   Ken: guitar  

My life has been blessed…by the wisdom that rests….in the wild

Always needing to be ….. out in the trees….in the wild


Where the waters run so swiftly

Where the air that surrounds me s clear

The leaves in the trees gently whisper

The wings of the raven is all that I hear


The wolves in the night….the eagles in flight…. In the wild

Sound of the loons….in the shadows of the moon…. In the wild


Where the sky is always changing

The ground ‘neath my feet doesn’t move

I can sense the raven’s message

The wind in the trees always speaks the truth


As I move through my day…. A part of me stays…..In the wild

My strength it is drawn….. from the magic that’s spawned….In the wild


I wake in the morning in wonder

At the miracle that each day brings

The clouds in the sky, the wind rushing by

And the blessing of all living things….


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