Raven Spirit - Trish Painter
Trish Painter -on Raven Spirit


I lived in the mountains in California in a beautiful little A-frame cabin.  The roads were not plowed, but were groomed with a snowcat.  The deck was 12 feet off the ground, and in the winter, I could ski right of my deck and go out around the neighborhood.  I often did this at night, which can be a truly mystical experience.  This is one of the first songs I ever wrote - in December 2002.


Midnight Ski

The storm it came in and oh, what a blow

For some strange reason I had to go

Out we went on a Midnight Ski

No one about but the dog and me!

No there’s no one around by the dog and me…

    The snow it comes down and the wind swirls around

    Can't tell the difference 'tween the sky and the ground

    So many of us are searching around

    On a midnight ski is where the spirit can be found.


The trees are bent with their winter white

Through a break in the clouds shines the bright moonlight

The moon on the snow transforms the night

There are few words to describe this sight!

It is a mystical sight!

     The powers of nature are only surpassed

     By the awesome beauty we hope will last

     Being out in the wind and the storm

     Renews my faith and my spirit's reborn!


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