Raven Spirit - Trish Painter
Trish Painter -on Raven Spirit


"A Haunting Reverence:  Meditations on a Northern Land" by Kent Nerburn puts into words the harsh magic and beauty of the North Woods.  I was born in Northern Minnesota, and recently had a cabin on a lake north of Duluth.  The mystical silence and beauty was haunting.  This song is derived from Nerburn's meditiation "Benediction" which starts with the quote "Drifting snow, Why do I sing" from an Ojibwe Song.

I love snow, I love the silence the power, the beauty it creates, and always hold my breath as storms build.



We wait as earth holds her breath

Clouds build in the northwestern sky

We sense that seasons are changing

Snow drifts gently as the wind whispers by


The breeze lifts the snow into plumes

fields change as the drifts ebb and flow

The earth’s sharp edges are muted

Under the shroud of the new fallen snow


The Blanket of snow covers all tracks

History of the field is gone

Trees bow their heads stillness settles in

Earth and sky become one


Who will be the first to make the tracks

‘coming a part of life’s changing flow

Art on an unpainted canvas

footprints ‘cross  the new fallen of snow


We wait as earth holds her breath

The clouds break to a bright alpenglow

The seasons of life are changing

Under the shroud of the new fallen snow.


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