Raven Spirit - Trish Painter
Trish Painter - on Dog Tracks CD


a common experience shared by most dog owners


OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR   Trish: vocals/guitar;  Ken: guitar; Banjo: Tom Rawson

Kids background singers: Natalie Shaffer, Bronwyn Earthman, Gillian Earthman, Maya Dengel, Olivia Dengel

CHORUS: We’ll let the dog in – let the dog out

Outside the door she goes roamin’ about

Then we’ll let the dog in – let the dog out

She’ll want back in – there is no doubt


She dreams all day of a leash free world

Chasin’ after rabbits and cats and squirrels

Of treats never ending and runs in the woods

Ah to be a dog…don’t you wish we could



To feel a wet nose in the palm of your hand

Could be a way to bring peace to the land

Exuberant kisses she plants on my cheek

Brings me such joy that my knees get weak



Don’t know what’s so special outside that door

I doubt she even knows what she’s going out for

Maybe a dark shadow, a burgler or more

Whatever it is….gotta open that door


Bridge:Woods, and fields and paths to roam

My dog’s got…other side of the door syn-drome



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