Raven Spirit - Trish Painter
Trish Painter - on Dog Tracks CD


Auggie was black, a jokester, and a dumpster diver….She had several playful interactions with a raven when we were in the mountains... I think of her every time I see a raven…I know it’s her...and she follows me everywhere!


The Return   (1:11)   Trish: vocals   Backup vocals:  Cosy Sheridan, TR Ritchie, Marga Tuthill Drum:  Lynette Malles

She came back as a Raven..

She came back as a Raven…

She came back as a Raven…

Up in the sky so wild

As Carefree as a child

   High above the clouds

   Laughin’ right out loud


There’s always been a question

What happens when we go

If we keep our eyes wide open

Someday we just might know

Up above the trees

Now her spirit’s free

    Flyin towards the sun

    Watch her spirit run

She came back as a Raven…


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