Raven Spirit - Trish Painter
Trish Painter - on Dog Tracks CD



Auggie Doggie was a black lab/chow mix...which means she was a wanderer. She was found on the streets in San Mateo County and I found her in the Humane Society, and brought her home with me.  We moved to the mountains and she was in heaven.  Most nights she would ask to go out at around 11 pm and she'd wander around until ~ 2 am.  On the Sunday of Easter weekend, we got a huge snowstorm.  The ski area was closed, most people in the neighborhood had left, and they were not grooming the roads.  We were out shoveling off the deck at her departure time...and she took off. I put snow shoes on and was able to follow her tracks all over town...she checked out every single dumpster and garbage desposit area in was like that cartoon "family circus' where the kids roam all over the neighborhood and the cartoon shows their tracks.  This dog was busy at night!


TRAMP  (2:58)  Trish:  vocals     Ken:  guitar 

Brought her home from the pound one day

She sat on the deck and decided to stay

She thought this might be a better way

Than runnin’ the streets at night


For many days she had to find her food

Defend herself from the ‘bad dog crew’

She put on a tough act through and through

She’s here ‘cause she’s clever and bright


Chorus:  How could somebody just let her go

Abandoned on the streets and never know

All good dogs need a home to go

And their own special bed at night


We moved to the mountains and she found her home

There’s no one around so it’s safer to roam

Out in the trees and rocks and stones

And back to her bed at night


So now she’s spoiled beyond belief

But I think she kind of liked being a thief

A deerhead, potatoes and bacon grease

Have been found on her bed at night


See how innocent and cute she seems

When she’s curled on her bed deep into her dreams

While she sleeps working out complex schemes

To go roamin about at night


Is she out for adventure or she just a tramp

Doesn’t really matter if it’s cold or damp

She’s out trying to find somebody’s camp

To bring something to her bed at night!



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