Welome to Raven Spirit Website! 

Raven Spirit is actually Trish Painter and Ken Beck.  I write the songs and Ken adds magical guitar parts to them.  

My songs are inspired by the spirit of dogs and the wonders of nature.  I wrote my first song in 2002 (Black Dog Blues), and that was the start of it...DOG SONGS!!! 18 of them on our first CD, "DOGTRACKS"..all original songs about dogs that honors their dedication, love and their sheer joy of being.  

“Perhaps I was a dog in a former life” –Trish has been blessed by 3 of these 4 legged creatures:  Critter, Auggie, and Sydney (the one who flies).   Each have brought joy into my life and have provided insight into the craziness of the human world.  Ah...I am so grateful for the lessons I have learned from them...!! 

My music has grown beyond the dog songs to songs of the wild.  I have always been a daughter of the wilderness, and have lived in some pretty spectacular places. My second CD (IN THE WILD -http://cdbaby.com/cd/ravenspirit) is full of original songs about the natural world around me that renews my spirit. AND NOW!!! DOG E.P.  is a new one that has 4 new dog songs (and a couple reworked from DogTracks). 

I have been blessed by my partner, Ken Beck who has evolved from his classical guitar training to arranging magical guitar parts to my songs. He also plays some amazing Blues and renaissance covers.  

Together, Ken and I are RAVEN SPIRIT.



you can contact us at trish.painter@gmail.com or enter your email address and we'll contact you