Here's some videos of our live performances!

This is the Student Concert at MOAB FOLK Camp 2014: ON A WALK  by Trish Painter & Charlie Koch:  performed here by Raven Spirit + Charlie Koch on bass.

We were also included in the Moab Folk Camp Staff Concert, where we played IN THE WILD  (October 2013)

In September, 2014, we were part of the Minnesota Association of Songwriters' project "Minnesingers".  Northwest Community TV (all volunteer) filmed us playing several of our songs.

I spin wool using a spinning wheel and had always wanted to write a song about it.  The first time I played this at songcircle, a friend was there with her spinning wheel, and the beat of the song and the beat of her foot powering the wheel were perfectly synced!


This one is the first songs I wrote after meeting Ken:  Guess You'll DO


This one is in memory of Critter and Auggie and goes out to all who have ever lost their 4-legged canine buddy.


We go backcountry skiing in British Columbia...we are up in the glaciers- blue sky,white snow, and one RAVEN that follows us everywhere...truly, a slice of heaven!




(actually, it's an adaptation of the one Trish uses for birthdays, retirements, anniversaries, etc.!)

Here's the lyrics:Trish_60th_Birthday_Song.docx



High Expectations:  This one is on the DOG E.P. - the idea came from a t-shirt (which I wear all the time!)



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